Where do IDNs Impact Market Performance?

By Chelsa Burke, Director of Market Analytics

As we continue to navigate a new healthcare landscape shaped by COVID-19, some of the old questions are even more relevant.  We have repeatedly heard our customers ask for more insightful information around who to target in opportunity markets. At Relevate Health Group, we believe healthcare is a local business. When trying to understand an area’s healthcare needs, we look at the 6 P’s of regional marketing:

  1. Payers
  2. Providers (Integrated Delivery Networks, or IDNs)
  3. Populations (Social Determinants of Health)
  4. Products
  5. Prescribers
  6. Places (access to Health Care Providers is diminishing)

One of those P’s has risen in importance, which is the influence of IDNs in healthcare decision making.  COVID-19 has amplified this influence, especially as systems create protocols around how to handle COVID patients and create safe environments for patients suffering with other disease states. As a Brand Marketer, you are thinking about all the channels where your message resonates, and IDNs may be towards the top of your list in terms of importance. Relevate recognizes the strong need to communicate with IDNs and uses a proprietary analysis to understand physician autonomy within an IDN ecosystem. If your brand team had a clearer understanding of physician autonomy, how would you change your message in these ecosystems? Which tactics would you turn up or tone down for your sales reps, TLLs, and KAMs? We would love to discuss these and other questions around how and where ecosystems vary and what you can do to adjust your strategic and tactical plans. Contact us to continue the conversation!

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