Using Data Analysis to Maximize the Relevance of your Marketing

By Chelsa Burke, Director of Market Analytics

The healthcare industry is currently in a ‘data boom’. Over the last decade, terabytes of data have been building up across many platforms from electronic medical records (EMRs) to pharmacy switches. Meanwhile, data analysis and software innovations have opened the door to analyzing healthcare data at a whole new level. The low-confidence, national-level, data-driven insights have now become hyper-targeted, physician-level insights that allow us to make sure what we are saying to and sending to healthcare professionals (HCPs) is relevant to them.

There are many in the industry that are discovering this level of targeting and using it to maximize the relevance of their marketing campaigns. For almost 15 years, the team at Relevate Health Group has been leveraging data to target regional strategies and campaigns to make them locally relevant to the HCP targets. We are targeting those HCPs most interested in the information based on the patient journeys and/or predictive analytics that we glean from patient longitudinal data.

Patients that fit the criteria of existing or predictive opportunity are mapped back to their doctors as the first step in a targeting exercise. From there, strategic recommendations and targeted tactical programs lead to measurable outcomes and strong return on investment (ROI).

By understanding the journey of a patient, pharmaceutical brands can find HCPs that treat patients with specific treatment histories, target based on referral patterns, and much more. Layering additional local factors helps to further uncover opportunities. These local factors include such things as Centers of Excellence (COE), Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) control, and key opinion leader (KOL) influence, and this is how Relevate helps brands figure out where to play and where to win.

The case study below shows how Relevate helped a client use patient-level data to find geographies with a high number and density of patients on second-line therapy for pancreatic cancer.

Local oncologist KOL influence and COE locations were layered into the analysis to narrow in on top opportunity markets. Relevate will hyper-target within these top opportunity markets and leverage local KOLs to reinforce multi-channel brand messaging to key targets defined by the analysis. Relevate regularly sees significant returns with these types of programs with engagement rates that consistently exceed brand benchmarks and average ROIs of 3:1.

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