Turn what KEEPS you up into what WAKES you up.

By Sharon Bittner

I’m sure you’ve been asked, “What keeps you up at night?”  I’m not a fan of the question because it sounds like Sales Speak 101.  However, I do love the question, “What WAKES you up?” What’s on your mind the minute you wake up in the morning and makes you excited to tackle the day ahead?

When we ask our clients what’s on their minds, most tell us some combination of the following:

  • Being challenged to drive patient engagement and loyalty.
  • Frustrated with current levels of referrals and physician alignment.
  • Feeling pressured to meet aggressive service line volume goals.
  • Their CEO is holding them accountable for real ROI, not just traditional marketing metrics.

Do any of these apply to you? 

What is on my mind first thing every morning is the way our network of hospitals is using Relevate solutions.  What consistently wakes me up with excitement is how they are measurably making a difference in these areas in some very inspired and creative ways.

A few weeks ago, we hosted our 21stAnnual Conference. The curriculum was focused on industry insights and success stories. 

Here are the top eight takeaways (as penned by our VP of Client Partnership, Melissa Neal).  But before you dive into them, please take a minute to watch the video we used to conclude the conference.  It demonstrates what wakes me up every single day.  (You can find the video here.)

8. Get to know a person.

Nathan Engels, an expert digital marketer and author of the Wannabite blog, shared three easy ways to get to know someone, whether it’s making a new friend or introducing a doctor to your community:

  • Meet and say, “Hello”.
  • Connect emotionally.
  • Laugh and smile.

7. Don’t forget that social media loves animals.

Grumpy Cat has 1.5 million followers on Twitter. Part of our 2019 newly released programming capitalizes on that craze as a way to tackle important subject that can be difficult to address – like Weight Management Over Age 50.

6. Think “win-win” for your business partnerships in the community.

Looking to build relationships in your community? Think like Parkview Medical Center and create “win-win” situations for your audiences and business partners. Host fun and educational seminars at cafes or trendy boutiques, offer discounts to attendees and you’ll be providing your partners new customers. 

5. Use customized Snapchat filters.

Looking for a quick social media “win?” Create a personalized Snapchat filter with your hospital’s logo that parents can use to share photos of their newborns. 

4. Engage with your physicians for a successful marketing strategy.

Millie Swan from Forrest Health reminded us, “You can’t be engaged without two in the proposal!” Engage your physicians in your marketing strategy, early and often.  When you marry physicians’ clinical expertise and administrations’ business savvy, you get a winning combination. 

3. Looking to create captivating videos? Turn the sound off.

While it may sound counter-intuitive, most people are viewing videos posted on social media with the sound off. To gauge whether your content can still be understood, first watch it on mute to test if the message is still clear.

2. Leverage the fact that everyone loves food.

We curated and released 18 healthy and delicious videos that are optimized for social media. Click on the image to view one of my favorites.   

1. Know your “why?”

A running theme of the conference was asking each presenter, “What’s your why?” They all shared motivating, personal answers. There’s never enough time in a day, but centering on your “why” helps you to focus on what’s important. 

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