Trust Triple Play


Regional relevance is made up of measurable components that can be put to work for your brand as a healthcare marketer and is the cornerstone of everything we do at Relevate Health Group.

Using the power of credibility, relevance, and geography, or the “Trust Triple Play” is essential to create regional relevance for your brand. It can be applied via the message, the messenger, or both.

The Message

The message relates to the content of your regionally relevant tactics. By ensuring that the message is regionally credible, relevant, and location appropriate, you generate trust in that message. For example, imagine a brand with a new indication that now can be marketed to a previously untapped segment of the population. Your new-indication, HCP-specific communications will have punch if they speak to the particulars of the local disease-state need (relevance), cite local sources (credibility), and can be delivered personally, via sales representatives (geography). For over 15 years, our specialized Market Intelligence team has used our proprietary methods to work with brands to identify local targets where their brand can win. Using local data that speaks directly to an HCP, we can cut through the clutter and deliver a timely and specific message to a prescriber.

The Messenger

For the messenger, we’re not speaking about your sales representatives, although your sales force is one of your most powerful regional tools! For our purposes, the messenger refers to regionally relevant Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). When you deliver either unbranded or branded messages in a series with a regionally relevant KOL as your credible, local authority, you’re doing something a national luminary can’t do—embody the Trust Triple Play. Whereas a national influencer may, simply by the nature of their association with the brand, carry an implied conflict of interest. Regional KOLs appear closer to issues and therefore are better positioned to convey key strategic messages tailored to your brand’s needs. At Relevate Health Group, we have a nationwide network of KOLs who we tap into to help deliver your message. Ranging from every specialty, our network of peer-to-peer influence can drive home any brand’s message.

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