The Unmistakable Power of Relevance

By Scott Weintraub, President of Relevate Health Group

At Relevate Health Group, we specialize in helping national healthcare brands become truly relevant and meaningful to local customers.

If you are a national healthcare marketer, you might quickly respond, “But we already do that. It’s called ‘sales reps.’”

Conventional sales wisdom in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries has always been to produce sales tools that succinctly differentiate the product and clearly communicate its core attributes across the greatest common denominators. Then, marketing departments put those materials into the hands of district sales directors who attempt to manage the delivery of those messages to their local targets.

Doesn’t that count as a bona fide attempt at “regional relevance”?

Of course, it does. But in an age of almost infinite measurability, data can help you tailor your regional relevance to a much finer degree, providing scalability, perpetuity, and content meaning that was previously unprecedented.

In the consumer world, there are many examples of regional relevance in action. Here’s a simple one.

Imagine an automotive manufacturer that produces all-terrain or 4x4 vehicles. The company also produces convertibles. While all of its dealerships across the country offer every type of vehicle it makes, the marketing for convertibles will probably be considerably less of a priority in Bismarck, North Dakota, than in Miami, Florida. Not only is it a priority difference, but the materials and strategies for success will also be different in the two areas.

Do you think that kind of example doesn’t have a parallel in healthcare marketing? Think again.

Relevate Health Group considers six different major characteristics of data that affect the prioritization and content of meaningful marketing approaches for every district, territory, or market where your brand needs to win. We call them the 6 Ps.

They are:

    1. Place
    2. Payer
    3. Population
    4. Provider
    5. Prescriber
    6. Product

Many of these characteristics are mixed and matched in varying degrees of relevance depending on the brand and its situation. Let’s look at another straightforward example: a diabetes drug.

​In the Southeast, where diabetes and obesity are a much more prevalent problem than in, say, the Northwest, you can imagine how the various 6 Ps shift and change to affect marketing priority and content. The number of professionals who treat diabetes, as well as those who suffer from the condition, is considerably higher in the Southeast. Consequently, the way diabetes care is paid for is going to be affected differently in these areas.

In this admittedly very simple example, you can see how different tools for sales success will be needed in districts such as Mobile, Alabama, and Atlanta, Georgia, compared to Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington. The balance of personal versus nonpersonal promotions, customer support and payment programs, and disease-state education will be very different.

Relevate Health Group can scale your marketing efforts on a market-by-market-basis to assist your brand in becoming powerfully meaningful and relevant. We can help you determine your best targets, such as high writers, nurse practitioners, specific patient types, and markets that possess the best opportunity for growth. We can help with the scripting and management of key opinion leaders, the prioritization of existing content, and the creation of new content specific to localized needs. Additionally, we can help you structure the most efficient media so that your brand is using the right tool for the job to meet the right targets in the right areas.

Finally, we can greatly assist with regional marketing momentum. Specifically, as the content is developed over time, we can assist you in nuancing and distributing that content consistently so that your brand and marketing organization is as in touch, relevant, and meaningful to your customers as possible on an ongoing basis.

That is what Relevate Health Group calls “regional relevance,” and it is how we create growth and, ultimately, trust for your brand.

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