Tackling Performance Variation with a Full Focused Approach

by Jake Linz

“If I were given one hour to save the planet, I would spend 59 minutes defi the problem and one minute resolving it.” – Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein, a man who has numerous accomplishments to his name—one being the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921—is widely considered an expert of Physics and Philosophy. He devoted his life to understanding the environment in which we live. Through his focus and countless hours of work and research, Einstein was able to become an expert in those areas of interest and achieve feats no one else was capable of in his field.

Our Vice President of Client Development, Chris Cushman, recently wrote an article on LinkedIn discussing that very idea: being an expert or “full focused” vs. being full-service. In this article, Chris mentions the book, Outliers: The Story of Success, by Malcolm Gladwell. The book examines the factors that contribute to high levels of success and the “minimum amount” of hours (10,000+) you must spend perfecting your area of focus to become highly successful. Gladwell references the success of the band, The Beatles, as an example.

So, what does being “full focused,” 10,000+ hours of experience and The Beatles have to do with your business and brand? (Or, Healthcare Regional Market- ing (HRM) for that matter.) Well, consider HRM, like The Beatles. Bold statement, I know! But, hear me out, we really are. Here at HRM, we are LIKE The Beatles because we have devoted countless hours to perfect- ing our regional analytics and marketing solutions.

At HRM, we are the experts at regional marketing and improving brand performance because of our years of experience in executing regionally relevant analytics and tactics. Take a look at some of our key performance indicators from over the years and see for yourself.

Since we were founded in 2007, we have been fully focused on regional marketing in the healthcare space. As Chris Cushman puts it, “we eat, sleep and breathe this stuff. We love it!” Not only do we love it, but we also have a patented product, our Driver  Analysis, that allows us to do something that no one else can do, pinpoint what is causing brand performance variation (pretty Albert Einstein-esque, if you ask me).

We know that performance variation exists within every brand out there, and we know that identifying the drivers of variation is the first step to making positive impact to brand performance. I have two quick examples of actual Driver Analysis results for determining the cause(s) for variation and how they were targeted:

  1. In the first Driver Analysis example, we discovered that one of the brands we were working on had a high variation of performance across IDNs, with share ranging from .03% to 10.9%. Further analysis led to the creation of a variable to measure formulary control within IDNs by looking at share variation across HCPs, and targeted tactics to IDNs depending on levels of control.
  2. In another case, through using Driver Analysis, we discovered that PCPs were negatively correlated to brand performance, coupled with a huge variance in the PCP to Cardiologist ratio (from 6:1 to 31:1). This led to peer-to-peer tactics that helped drive PCP performance using Cardiologists as KOLS.

In these two examples, we were able to determine what was causing performance variation and were able to target those variables specifically for increased brand growth.

At the beginning of this article, we highlighted Einstein’s explanation on how he would spend his “one hour” to plan and save the planet. Simply stated, you should spend majority of your time accurately locating the variables that are causing the challenge or pain point. And, as soon as you are able to determine where you need to direct your “full focus” and resources, you will be able to improve your brand’s overall performance using regional marketing approaches.

Here at HRM, we have everything regional marketing under one roof: data analytics and proven tactics to increase brand performance. We are the experts, after all.

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