Local Market Variance in Healthcare:
The 2020 Impact

By Scott Weintraub, President of Relevate Health Group

You may not be surprised to hear that telemedicine has gained popularity while preventative care saw a significant decrease as Americans dealt with COVID-19. But some cities, like San Francisco, saw a much larger drop than others.

The Market Intelligence team here at Relevate has tracked the changes in treatment patterns resulting from COVID-19. While looking at national averages can give you an idea of how the healthcare landscape has shifted, a more targeted approach can tell a different story.

When building a marketing strategy, it is helpful to understand the factors that may be impacting your business and how they vary at the local level. This understanding can help to determine where and how resources are allocated.

The following infographic demonstrates the effect of COVID-19 on healthcare claims by looking at three very different regions of the county.

At Relevate, we have built a strategic team that will help you elevate your brand by identifying market opportunities and winning local strategies. If you are interested in learning more, contact us.

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