Geographic Variance: From Brand Performance to Broods of Bugs

17 years ago, YEAH! by Usher was playing on every iPod Mini, Shrek 2 was just hitting theaters and the final episode of Friends premiered on NBC. But did you know every 17 years broods of cicadas emerge in seemingly disparate parts of the country? 

Nearly 3,400 species of cicadas exist worldwide. But periodical cicadas that emerge en masse once every 17 or 13 years are unique to the eastern U.S. The 17-year cicadas live in the North, and the 13-year cicadas are found in the South and the Mississippi Valley. The three species of 17-year cicadas from mixed-species cohorts are called broods whose members arise like clockwork on the same schedule. 1

Now in 2021, the brood X is emerging and our HQ in Cincinnati is humming with the cacophony of their mating calls but some of our clients and coworkers in other parts of the country have none at all.  

Cicadas are yet another example of geographic variance. Whether we are looking at cicada emergence, how patients consume healthcare or how your brand performs we know that geographic variance needs to be understood and planned for. At any time, opportunities or challenges pop up in various parts of the country. This is why here at Relevate we use data and insights to help our clients understand how to deploy locally relevant messages to the right targets at the right time.

If you are interested in identifying and optimizing these opportunities to drive performance and improve ROI, contact us.


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